24/7 service and maintenance


carries on

To us, delivering your institutional kitchen is the starting point of our collaboration. You want to make sure to prevent: a malfunction of your kitchen equipment, that will put a halt to your production. As you may know: malfunctions are likely to happen at the most inconvenient times. In order to prevent that our service team is ready for you, day and night, preventative as well as corrective.

Our own national maintenance and service team

  • available 24/7 via one central phone number
  • >40 employees
  • >100 support mechanics in our partner network

Possible maintenance contracts

  • Preventative, to prevent crises due to malfunctions
  • Corrective, when quick and specialist help is needed
  • All-in, to always be sure of (quickly) functioning equipment


Malfunctions and repairs

In that case, you simply need only one thing: get that machine working again as soon as possible. Ultimately, you want to avoid for it to be picked up and be left without it for four weeks. Unfortunately, this happens all the time, even though it cripples (a part of) your production process. Bouter understands your point of view and will always look into finding a solution that fits your circumstances. This could mean that the faulty equipment will be repaired on location right away or there might be a temporary solution that you can work with.

  • response time primary malfunctions: <4 hours
  • response time other malfunctions: <8 hours
  • service cars equipped with a wide range of parts
  • parts distribution: special parts
  • onetime fix: ordered in the afternoon, placed in the car at night by the courier service, next day the malfunction will be repaired