we won’t get cold feet

It is rare to see an institutional kitchen supplier with their own ‘refrigerating department’. At Bouter we clearly see the advantages of our refrigerating and freezing specialists on a daily basis. Our people know the do’s en dont’s, technical demands and latest innovations regarding refrigerating and freezing techniques. Sitting across the table from them, you will immediately notice their expertise.

Bouter delivers:

  • cooled and frozen cells
  • cooled and frozen cupboards
  • cooling workbenches

More value from your refrigerating and freezing installations

Temperatures in an institutional kitchen rise quickly. In order to meet all regulations and demands, it is extremely important to keep foods chilled. Bouter’s own cooltechnical team consists of specialists that can give you suitable advice about incorporating cooling and freezing equipment in your institutional kitchen. Together we will get the best return on your investment.


refrigerating and freezing equipment

We never install just any refrigerating and freezing system in your institutional kitchen, but we will always discuss your wishes at length and will find a solution that meets all your requirements. We will take into account the following challenges:


  • room temperature
  • required capacity
  • use intensity
  • energy consumption
  • sustainability requirements
  • routing in the institutional kitchen

Innovations and changing demands for refrigerating and freezing equipment

Demands regarding professional refrigerating and freezing equipment continuously change. Take the refrigerating and freezing capacity, for example. In the past, suppliers only came by once a week. That required a lot more capacity than nowadays, as it is more common now to have suppliers deliver their fresh goods daily. Our specialists keep a close eye on all changes, innovations and trends concerning refrigerating and freezing equipment. You can reap the fruit of their labor!