Advice and direction

this makes Bouter unique

Bouter does not just give you what you ask for. On the contrary: together with you we will find the institutional kitchen of your dreams. To us, delivering your kitchen is only the start of our collaboration. That long-term relationship manifests itself in a kitchen that provides (corporate) pleasure, even in the long run. An institutional kitchen that helps boost your business.

We love to assist you with:

  • National coverage with our own consultants, project leaders and mechanics
  • Kitchen design advice about construction and renovation, work processes and use of equipment.
  • Project support, delivery, installation, set up, service and maintenance

Bouter, the best director in professional institutional kitchens

When we deliver a kitchen, it needs to be steady as a rock. We don’t want you to be content with it, we want you to be absolutely thrilled. And of course, you should immediately be able to use it. During the advice and installation process we keep in full control at all times, to make sure you are absolutely satisfied at the time of delivery.

With us you know exactly what you buy

Sounds logical, however this is often not the case. After we get to know you and your wishes, we provide a quotation within a short time. This will specify exactly what you get and how much it costs. We find it important that you understand exactly what you are buying. And if anything is unclear, please feel free to come and have a look yourself at the products and their finishing in our demo kitchen.

Accelerate because of your institutional kitchen

In recent years, kitchens have evolved from rather unexciting products into ones that really trigger people’s imagination and emotions. Therefore, a kitchen’s look and feel is now more important than ever. Of course, at Bouter, we won’t lose sight of its functionality either. It is that combination that ultimately results in higher occupancy rates and satisfied guests/ diners.


of Bouter

Design & advice:

  • from advice on kitchen concept, equipment arrangement and hygiene regulations to installation and aftersales during the entire process
  • national network of specialists in your own region with knowledge of all industries

Service & maintenance:

  • our own national maintenance and service team
  • preventative, corrective and all-in maintenance contracts possible

MVO & safety:

  • energy efficient kitchen equipment that meets all sustainability requirements
  • delivery of equipment according to the EIA regulations (Energy Investment Deduction)
  • VCA** certification
  • equipment 95% recyclable
  • sustainable work processes and working conditions
  • social involvement Bouter